Product Sheets

Product Sheets

Wall Thermostats Cost effective range by Robertshaw

Stokes now carry a cost effective range of Digital Room Thermostats with 5+2 day, 7 day and non programmable thermostats. Economy Series Bigger brighter backlight, Adjustable temperature differential, Filter monitor, Low... [read more]

Vax Appliances Information Sheet

Stokes is now an Authorized distributor of Spare Parts and Accessories for Vax Appliances (Australia) Pty. Ltd including: Floor Tools / Rods Motors Bags Hoses & B.E.P... [read more]

Vacuum Motor Update December 2007

Stokes V9616 24 volt - 3 Stage Motor Stokes V9626N 1700W Tangental - 2 Stage Motor Stokes V9630 1300W Bi Pass - 2 Stage Motor (Nil bolt holes) Stokes V9631N 1300W Flo Thru - 2 Stage... [read more]

Vacuum Cleaner Parts - Numatic Vacuum Motor + Dust Mop + 1700W VAC Motor

Numatic Vacuum Motor + Dust Mop + 1700W VAC Motor all new to the Stokes Range. Download Numatic Vacuum Motor + Dust Mop + 1700W... [read more]

Toggle Switches 20 Amp now available

A wide range of Toggle Switches are now available. 7012C - Toggle Switch SPDT 20A 250V ON-ON (QC 6.3mm) 7013C - Toggle Switch SPDT 20A 250V ON-OFF-ON (QC 6.3mm) 7021C - Toggle Switch DPST 20A 250V... [read more]

Thermostat & Controls Product Review - Invensys/Robertshaw Products

Review of Thermostats and Controls to suit many major manufacturers appliances Stoves, Ovens, Hotplates, Water Heating Units and many other applications. [read more]

Super Seal Pro

Professional Formula Air Conditioning Leak Sealant Super Seal Pro permanently seals leaks in condensers, evaporators, accumulators, compressors, gaskets, o-rings, metal lines and rubber hoses .... [read more]

Stokes Eco Switch

36 days of free electricity per year! Easy reach power switch that eliminates 100% standby energy of all connected appliances Easy access - ecoswitch can be placed within easy reach: no bending, straining or... [read more]

Stokes Appliciance Parts information Sheet

Information sheet on Stokes Appliance Parts' range of products and brands. Download Stokes Appliance Parts Info Sheet [read more]

Stokes "Ruby" Infrared Heaters

Stokes weatherproof "Ruby" infrared heaters offer you optimal benefits with an innovative modern heating ideal for: Cafe's, Balconies; Terraces; Gardens; Tea Rooms;... [read more]

Safety Inlet Hose - Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Stops flow of water in case of a burst hose. Suitable for most Dishwashers and Washing Machines. Can be used with both Hot and Cold water. [read more]

Rubbedin Range of Cleaning and Protection Products

A select range of Cleaning and Protection Products are now available in the Stokes / OzSpares Range.. ... [read more]

Room Thermostat

Room Thermostat for heating or cooling. C-Tick Approved. Features: Colour - white Manual Heating or Cooling 0o- 30o C S.P.D.T. 24 Volt -... [read more]

Remote Control Switches

Save on electricity by remotely turning off Lighting, Household Electronics and Appliances around your home that are on standby. Remote Control & Switches are easy to operate and safe. Save on electricity by... [read more]

Refrigerator Water/Ice Maker Filter and Parts

This product sheet provides information on the range of Refrigerator Water/Ice Maker Filter and Parts. Parts included: Tube Beverage 6mm - 10M Roll Joiner 6mm - for tubing DR306 Tube... [read more]

RANCO Thermostats DR050B and DR058B

Stokes Appliance Parts stocks a range of RANCO Thermostats. Buy Genuine RANCO Thermostats & be sure the temperature & cut-in / cut-outs are as they should be. Includes: DR050B - VC1... [read more]

Quartz Lamp and Lamp Holders

New to our range (no leads): 9416 Quartz Lamp holders (pair) - suit ceramic end lamps 9415 Infrared Quartz Lamp 500w 240v ceramic ends 232 mm Other Infrared Quartz Lamps (with leads): ... [read more]

Power Point Tester

Don't Risk your equipment on a faulty power outlet. Just plug in this easy to read simple unit and ensure you and your equipment are safe from faulty outlets. Handy for Caterer's, Caravans, Electricians, Builders, Households,... [read more]

Pocket Air Check Portable Gas Detector

The Pocket Air Check is a portable, battery operated, solid state instrument intended for use in applications requiring detection of combustible gas leaks. Detects Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Hydrogen, Butane, LPG... [read more]

New Hot Water Heating Thermostats

Robertshaw / Invensys are phasing out their range of EWT (grey body) Thermostats and replacing them with the NEW ST Thermostats (Black body). Note the NEW ST Thermostats have changed Terminal Connections and are wired slightly... [read more]

Latest Products

Stokes Range of Elements, Controls and Accessories are continuing to be expanded. Our latest product sheet is available for download. [read more]

Invensys Varifix General Replacement Controls

The varifix family of controls was designed and packaged to facilitate simple field replacement of domestic and light commercial refrigeration controls. [read more]

Invensys Ranco Reversing Valves

Ranco reversing valves when installed in a heat pump system reverse the flow of refrigerant through the heat exchanger to provide heating or cooling from the system and to defrost the outdoor coil in air source units. [read more]

Invensys Paragon Commercial Defrost Timers

For control of defrost cycle and duration in commercial refrigeration applications. Download Invensys Paragon Commercial Defrost... [read more]

Invensys L66 NTC Temperature Sensor Family

The Invensys L66 family of temperature sensor is specifically designed for use in domestic refrigeration appliances. Download Invensys L66 NTC... [read more]

Invensys - O Series Temperature Controls

Product sheet on Invensys - O Series Temperature Controls. Invensys - O Series Temperature Controls [read more]

Invensys - Domestic Defrost Timers

2000/3000 Series Repeat Cycle Defrost Timer. Download Invensys 2000/3000 Repeat Cycle Defrost Timer [read more]

Glass Defrost Heaters / Elements now available

Wide range of glass defrost heaters available to suit most Chinese, Japanese, Korean Fridges, Samsung, Heller, Whirlpool, Maytag, GE, Amana & most U.S.A Made Side by Side Fridges. [read more]

Equivalent List - Elements, Controls & Accessories

Quick Reference List for commonly used part numbers. A simple list that will help in the conversion to Stokes part numbers. This list only contains those numbers that are recent and commonly used. ... [read more]

Enclosures to suit Digital Controls now available

New Product Release. Mounting Enclosures for Eliwell IC and ID Controllers. Download Mounting Enclosures for... [read more]

Eliwell's NEW Coldface Series

It's easy to see how Coldface from Eliwell revolutionizes cold room controls. One look at Eliwell's NEW Coldface Series of cold room controllers and you'll know you're looking at technology that's designed to make life easier for... [read more]

Eliwell Commercial Refrigeration

Eliwell Commercial Refrigeration products. Download Eliwell Commercial Refrigeration [read more]

Elements to suit Zanussi

Stokes elements that suit Zanussi Commercial Ovens and Boilers. Don't pay exorbitant prices for commercial elements, when a custom Australian made element could save you money. [read more]

Dyson Replacement Spare Parts

Did you know that Stokes now sell Dyson Spare Parts? Dyson Replacement Parts Range: Base Plate Fastners Belts Bent End Pieces Carbon Brushes Clutches... [read more]

Digital Controllers for Refrigeration

Easy selection guide to digital controllers for refrigeration. Download Eliwell ID Temperature Controller Range [read more]

Digital Controllers for Low & High Temperature Control

Easy selection guide to digital controllers for heating. Eliwell IC Temperature Controller Range. Download Eliwell IC Temperature Controller... [read more]

Checktemp Digital Thermometer

Food businesses are required to have a probe thermometer accurate to ±1 oC to monitor and record the temperature of food at various critical control points.   Checktemp 1 has an accuracy of 0.3 oC. A calibration test device... [read more]

Car Vacuum Accessory Kit

This kit comes with adaptors to suit most vacuum cleaners. The kit includes: CARKIT Upholstery Brush CARKIT Long Flex Crevice Tool CARKIT Brush Head CARKIT Adaptor... [read more]

Air Conditioner Reversing Valves by Ranco now available

These valves are suitable for residential or commercial/industrial applications from 1 to 160 ton depending on refrigerant and operating conditions. [read more]

AEG Parts

Spare Parts for AEG Ovens and dishwashers. Includes: 1000w Oven Element 1200w Oven Fan Element 1500w Oven Fan Element 2600w Oven/Grill Element Boot Door F/L... [read more]

2-way Soft Close Solenoid Valve

An economical general purpose solenoid valve with encapsulated coil. The soft close function helps reduce water hammer and is suitable for non agressive media up to 40 CST viscosity. Typical applications include: ... [read more]