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Stokes Appliance Parts Industrial Division

FORMERLY known as Stokes Synertec, the industrial division at Stokes Appliance Parts specialises in supplying heating solutions to Australian and international clients.

Since its inception, the company has gained a reputation as a quality manufacturer and supplier of electric heating elements and custom-made systems covering a wide range of industrial heating products.

The experienced team can design and manufacture a vast range of tubular sheathed industrial heating elements and systems, and work with engineers to find practical solutions for specific applications.

Stokes Appliance Parts have a long history working with CCI Thermal (Now known as Thermon) which includes their Caloritech immersion heaters and Ruffneck exhaust fans where Explosion-Proof certification is required.

Some of our electrical heating solutions include;

  • Water
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Plating
  • Air Heating (Finned & Unfinned)
  • Inline circulation units
  • Immersion heaters
  • Fuel oil heaters
  • Flanged units
  • Bitumen heaters
  • Resistive load banks

Contact Details

The StokesAP Industrial team is based at our Victorian Head Office.

Melbourne Head Office

2/170 Rooks Rd
Nunawading VIC 3131

Phone: 1800 333 191

Trade Counter: 8:00AM to 4:00PM - Monday to Friday

Catalogues & Technical Information

StokesAP Air Heating

StokesAP Air Heating Catalogue covering finned and unfinned air heating elements and duct heaters. Includes technical information and selection data. (Updated Nov 2016)
  • Finned (46.5 Kw Per Sq. Metre)
  • Finned (60 Kw Per Sq. Metre)
  • Finned (93 Kw Per Sq. Metre)
  • Finned (124 Kw Per Sq. Metre)
  • Unfinned General Purpose
  • Unfinned Low Temperature
  • Duct Heater General Info
  • Terminal Boxes
  • Duct Heater Selection
  • Controls
  • Technical Data

StokesAP Industrial Heating

StokesAP Industrial Heating Catalogue covering the vast range of heated element solutions Stokes can provide. (To be updated, contact us for more info.)
  • Element specifications
  • Tubular Elements
  • Straight Length Tubular Elements
  • Screw-in Immersion Heaters
  • Electrical Connections
  • Water Immersion Elements (1 1/4" & 2" BSP Screw-in type)
  • Oil Immersion Elements (Screw-in type)
  • Flanged Immersion Heaters
  • Plating Solution Immersion Heaters (Over the side type)
  • Withdrawable Tubular Heaters
  • Air Heating
  • Radiant Infra-red Heaters (Ceramic & metal Sheathed)
  • Drum Heaters
  • Inline Water Heaters
  • Cubicle Heating Elements
  • Controls
  • Custom Built Products
  • Flame Proof Heaters
  • Technical Data

StokesAP Heating Cable

StokesAP Heating Cable Catalogue covering heating cable. (To be updated, contact us for more info.)
  • General Information
  • Application
  • PVC Insulated Cable
  • Silicon Rubber Insulated Cable
  • Technical Data

StokesAP Hot Rod Elements

StokesAP Hot Rod Catalogue covering Hot Rod elements and sheaths (Vitrosol, S/S & Titanium). (To be updated, contact us for more info.)
  • Hot Rod Elements
  • Vitrosol Sheathes
  • Titanium Sheathes
  • Stainless Steel Sheathes
  • Liquid Level And Temperature Control
  • Technical Data